Equestrian Wireless Training System - for one-to-one and one-to-many trainer to learner

Tired of screaming and risk losing your voice?

Do you need to communicate easily with a single student or with a maximum of 50 students?

Do you want a system that can increase your training effectiveness?

Do you need an affordable lightweight system that can be upgraded?

Do you have multiple trainers who work with students and do you want them to communicate only with their students?

Need a system from a specialist in sound reinforcement?

Using the latest crystal clear band technology, the equiteacher Equestrian Wireless Training System allows the trainer (s) to communicate with students from up to 300m away. Using the revolutionary system, multiple trainers and students can communicate in the same arena without interference. Using "always-on" technology, there are no buttons to press, so there is no distraction for the student or trainer.

The system consists of a train transmitter unit (s) and student receiver unit (s), specially designed comfortable microphone and earphone, charging unit (up to 12-15 hours of use), batteries and metal carrying case.