where to look for in a microphone for an equestrian instruction

There are different type's microphone.
For equestrian instruction sets, there are really only two types used.

omnidirectionele microfoon hippische instructieset equiteacher

the omnidirectional microphone.

The best selling microphone for systems riding instruction,
omnidirectional sound, so you should not really pay attention to where the microphone is.
These are appreciated by most users.
Making it the default microphone systems equiteacher.






unidirectionele microfoon equiteacher


unidirectional microphone

This type of microphone records sound from one side, ambient sounds
therefore as good as not "heard".
In this type of microphone should be talking directly into the microphone and
You need to be careful where you attach the microphone.
Headset microphones are usually of this type.