Instructors who teach many do make substantial demands on their voting power.
Especially when outside teaching is in the wind.
With Senrun equestrian instruction system includes a hoarse voice to the past and does not bother the student to do more to understand the instructions.

We know how important it is that the student can concentrate on riding and that no energy is put in trying to understand the instructor.
Therefore, AXhippo now Senrun Equestrian instruction system.
This complete set of professional communication includes: transmitter with lavalier microphone and, receiver earpiece, charger, rechargeable batteries and hard metal storage case.

Some advantages:
◦ For a perfect connection between trainer and learner
◦ Very bright, clear, uninterrupted comments or instructions
◦ Discreet, purposefully and without hindrance from environment
◦ Various accessories for hands-free operation
◦ Multiple users together or with each
◦ Distances sufficient for Grand Prix track